Custom Domains


If you want your site to be hosted on a custom domain, that can be done!

Pricing: $5 one-time fee per domain (unlimited subdomains) for mandatory SSL installation.

This means that if your domain is if you want a site on, and a second site on, your total fee will be $5!

However, if you own the domain and later buy, and you want WordPress sites on and, your total fee will be $10. But if you later decide to make a new site as a subdomain of a domain you've already paid for, say, there would be no additional fee.

CloudFlare discount information: We can waive the one-time fee if you are using CloudFlare and Universal SSL, with a Full (not Full (Strict)) Crypto setup. Contact us for more information.


After your domain is configured on our servers, contact MNATIONS support to get your custom domain activated. Currently there is no way for you to set a custom domain yourself in the admin dashboard.

You will need to configure the following DNS records:

Type Name Value TTL
A @ Default or 600
CNAME * Default or 600

Setting a wildcard * will not interfere with any other subdomains you have manually configured.

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