Most themes have built-in menu locations available for you to customize. This is a great way to change the links in your header for example, to direct users to certain pages, categories, or other outside links:

The menu customization page can be found in your admin dashboard, under Appearance > Menus in the sidebar. Just give your menu a name (this name won't be shown to users), add some menu items, and choose a Display Location. The Display Location options will vary depending on what theme you choose, as a lot have a variety of custom locations to choose from, but most of the time you'll choose something similar to "Main Navigation" or "Primary" to customize your website's header.

On this page, you can add "Pages" which will link to certain pages you've created, "Posts" which you can use to link to your most important blog posts, "Custom Links" which you can use to link to any URL, even links outside of your site, and finally categories, which may be useful to larger blogs or news organizations who break down their posts into different categories.

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